Bicycle-friendly infrastructure is a prerequisite for comfortable and safe cycling. It must be able to cater to experienced riders and cycling novices alike. Cycling infrastructure acts as a symbol to highlight cycling as a means of transportation.
By organizing various projects, Pro Velo works to raise awareness of the importance of good infrastructure and to spread that awareness as much as possible.

There is much more to good cycling infrastructure than bike lanes and cycling paths. Other considerations such as bicycle parking, low-traffic zones (30 km/h speed limit zone, pedestrian priority zone) and opposing bicycle traffic on one-way streets are also important to ensure that cycling is safe and attractive. 

PRIX Velo - the Swiss city prize
In 2014, Pro Velo presented awards to the most bike-friendly cites in Switzerland. The PRIX Velo was awarded based on the results of a survey of 15,000 cyclists who rated their city.

Bicycle and pedestrian traffic
Shared spaces with pedestrian traffic: recommendations made by Pro Velo and Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland

PRIX Velostädte

Pro Velo Schweiz prämierte 2014 die velofreundlichsten Schweizer Städte. Grundlage der Auszeichnung war eine Umfrage bei 15'000 Velofahrerinnen und Velofahrern, welche ihre Stadt bewerteten.