Cyclomania – The National Cycling Challenge

Cyclomania is a Swiss-wide annual campaign to promote cycling in urban areas. Its goal is to encourage the general public to ride their bikes more often in their daily lives as well as in their free time while doing something positive both for the environment and for their own health. The campaign first took place in September 2020.

How does Cyclomania work?

Pro Velo provides participants with an App, a website, and various methods of communication during the campaign. Cities, municipalities, and regions register for the Challenge and cover the participation fee. Participants take part in the campaign via the App and can collect points and win prizes for each of the stages they pass and for the kilometers they either cycle or walk. 

Participants’ movements are tracked and recorded in the background thanks to the automatic tracking system. The mobility data generated throughout the campaign is then made available to the participating municipalities in anonymized and aggregated form with the aim of promoting the development of sustainable and future-oriented transport and infrastructure.

Cyclomania is supported by SwissEnergy and Swisscom.