Every year, the Bike2school campaign gets students across Switzerland onto their bikes.

An adventure for the whole class

Teams of students (between the ages of 10 and 20) ride their bikes to school as often as possible during the Bike2school campaign. They compete to gain points for the kilometers they ride in order to win attractive individual and class prizes. The event runs throughout the school year and classes can participate in either autumn or spring for any four weeks they choose. Students can even choose to participate twice – which they often do – taking advantage of both the autumn and the spring weather. 

But it’s not only about earning valuable points in the competition and winning the attractive individual and class prizes. The purpose behind the Pro Velo campaign is to bring the successful “bike to work” concept into schools. Promoting health and fitness, practicing safe cycling behaviors in traffic, and working in a team are the main goals of the event. Other events run by the school or parents’ associations can be integrated into the Bike2school campaign to increase the number of points earned by the teams on the journey to and from school.
Participation in Bike2school is voluntary. By integrating physical activity into the journey to school, positive changes in the form of healthy behavior can be introduced into students’ lives without their having to spend more time at school and without encroaching on their free time.

Bike2school is a part of the Schule+Velo Alliance.

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