bike to work

“bike to work” is a Swiss-wide company health promotion campaign. Every year in May and June, approximately 80,000 commuters make the journey to work by bike. Over 2,800 companies take part in “bike to work” to improve their employees’ team spirit and level of fitness while confirming their commitment to promoting positive attitudes and behaviors towards sustainable mobility.

How does it work?

A company registers for the annual “bike to work” challenge and covers the participation fee. Employees build teams of four and ride their bikes to work on as many days as possible during the campaign. They keep track of the kilometers they cycle in an online challenge calendar. Employees who commute to work by bike on at least half of the days they work enter a draw to win prizes valued at over CHF 110,000.
Success stories
“bike to work” has already established itself as an easy and efficient way for both small and large companies to promote the health of their employees. The key to the campaign’s success is the ease with which it can be implemented as well as the low costs. Everything is taken care of by the company right from the beginning: the online calendar is set up, all the printed materials are free, and all the prizes for the draw are provided, keeping administrative effort at a minimum and enjoyment and motivation for employees at a maximum. 
The first “bike to work” challenge in 2005 started off with a bang. 20 companies and 1,600 Migros employees took part in the pilot project. “bike to work” proved to be the most popular cycling campaign in all of Switzerland and has continued to grow in popularity ever since. In total, 71,834 employees from 2,397 companies took part in the 2019 challenge, collectively covering over 17 million kilometers on their commute to work.

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