Our cycling campaigns and activities

We offer a wide range of cycling activities and services: campaigns to promote commuting to work by bike, cycling initiatives at schools for children and young people, awards of excellence for bike-friendly cities, and various cycling-related publications. 

Bike to work

Brings a breath of fresh air to your workplace. “bike to work” gets you moving, helps improve team spirit, and reminds you of the joy of cycling.



During this event, children and young people between the ages of 10 and 20 bike to school and back as often as possible.


The National Cycling Challenge for cities, municipalities, and regions.


Through play and friendly competition, young people between the ages of 15 and 20 learn everything there is to know about the bicycle.


Schule+Velo Is a platform for all cycling events for schools in Switzerland.

Bicycle markets

A calendar of bicycle markets in Switzerland. Would you like to buy or sell a second-hand bicycle? Click here for an overview of 100 bicycle markets.

Bicycle safety courses

We offer a wide range of cycling courses for children, young people, and adults, as well as E-bike courses.

Contests "bike-friendly company" and "bike-friendly infrastructure"

Our contest rewards companies that have implemented bicycle-friendly measures.

Pro Velo Switzerland has also launched another contest for bike-friendly infrastructure. Cities and municipalities as well as tourist and transport organisations are welcome to apply and give in their dossier.  


BikeStations offer a variety of services to bicycle commuters who "park and ride" at railway stations:

- guarded bicycle parking
- bicycle cleaning
- bicycle maintenance
- inexpensive bike rental
- free recycling of old bikes 

Pro Velo Switzerland offers a coordination service for the various bikestations present in the country.

Switzerland - a cycling country

A network of 9 scenic bicycle routes (3'300 km in total) throughout the country was opened in 1998. These sign-posted routes enable cyclotourists to explore the most beautiful landscapes of Switzerland on mostly paved trails undisturbed by motor traffic. Hotels, hostels and B&B-places along these routes are specialized in accommodating cyclists. Bicycles can be rented at many railway stations, and the Swiss Railways offer bike-friendly services.

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